Tom and Grant

Small time crooks, poster children for the disenfranchised, they’ve been swept to the periphery of the American Dream and left to pick up its crumbs. They push back against the system, refusing to be lumped in with the masses in the heartland, adopting the mantra ‘Quit your day job’. They seek a better way. Problem is, they’re idiots. All they’ve got is a car, a dream, and a very dumb idea: let someone else rob the bank, then they’ll steal the cash from the robbers. What could go wrong?


Tom Cavanagh


Tom Cavanagh

Music composed by

Andy Warren


Ronald Richard


Ellie Harvie & Betty Dubney

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Tom & Grant

Tom Cavanaugh (TOM) and Grant Gustin (GRANT) star as two very broke small-time crooks who have come up with the plan to wait for a bank to be robbed, and then steal the cash from the thieves. Problem is, they don’t have any guns, experience, or brains.

As they stakeout the bank waiting for the thieves, Grant explains he found out about this plan as he overheard two men speaking in extremely vague language. It becomes clear to Tom, they may have just wasted all night for a heist to go down that was never going to happen in the first place. We follow Tom and Grant on their stakeout as they try to pass the time, waiting eager, and hopeful for the heist to take place. As time passes, it is clear these two should not be in the bank-robbing business.

As they are about to pack it up and head out, the robbery goes down, and Tom and Grant give chase, ultimately crashing into the escape car. The thieves get out of their unusable car, put the cash in the trunk of Tom and Grant’s car, and tell them to get out. Moments later, a shootout with the police ensues and the thieves are killed. The officers check the get-away car and find nothing. The police speed away looking for a second vehicle while Tom and Grant open their trunk to find all the money. Their plan worked perfectly.

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